Saturday, March 26, 2011

Those were the days

I know I'm obsessed with technology, and Thing 1 seems to be following in my footsteps where that's concerned. He would spend all day, every day, in front of the computer if given the chance. Of course, I can hardly criticise. You know, pot - kettle and all that. Often dragging him away from the computer means grunts, grumbles and 10 year old attitude. The plus side of his attachment to the little white laptop is that we have the perfect punishment on the occasions that the need arises.

But today, today things have been different.

Today Thing 1 has had a friend over. This friend comes from a normal household. One where they don't all sit around tweeting, Facebooking and blogging. OK, perhaps normal wasn't the right word to use in this instance, but you get my meaning.

Today the kids played like we used to. They played outside, kicked balls, jumped on the trampoline, rode ripstiks. They even played nicely with the little kids. They played board games (classics like Monopoly and Battleship). There was no unnecessary yelling. There were no fights. There was laughter and smiles. And all this time the tv was off.

It was bliss. Pure bliss.

Now I'm desperately trying to find a way to make "play like the kids in the olden days" a regular occurrence. I'm thinking there will be many more play dates with this particular friend, or I'll have to find a way to clone him. Unless any of you are specialists in genetics I'm thinking the first option is all I've got.

I wonder what sort of miracles he can produce if he sleeps over? I'll be sure to let you know when that happens. 

I have to admit, I'm sometimes a bit hesitant to host play dates because they're often more trouble than they're worth, depending on the child. Are you a happy play date host? Or does the idea of other people's children chill you to the bone?


  1. It's a tough one when it comes to playdates. I usually find I have to have two guests simply to keep the older two occupied. The younger one doesn't mind....yet. I think it's a matter of finding the right kids for your child. the ones who get the results you got today. We've had some great ones and some total disasters. In the end it all evens out doesn't it?

  2. Check out "The Dangerous Book for boys "
    so many wonderful ideas like making a Billy cart
    Things I used to do when I was a kid :)

  3. As I already have 4 boys in the house I dont mind the play dates as it usually means they all go outside and ride their scooters over home made jumps and play (wrestle) on the trampoline. Thats all cool as long as I dont watch!

  4. Envy. Over the last year and a half I've had to think of some very big bribes indeed to get Mr 11 off the technology, and then it doesn't last long (unlike the nagging to have it back). I almost think there has to be a boot camp for this sort of stuff, to prove there is indeed a point to getting off the bum! :/

  5. When Bobby was 7 he approached me about playing Little League baseball. Since then he really never had a chance to get into the video game scene. Band was added and when Marching Band came into the picture he had no time for anything but baseball and his bands.

    Of course, most of the electronic gadgets we have now didn't even exist back then. We did have a (then) state of the art Atari 2600 though. :-)

  6. Play dates are survival:) I love them - me and the kids thrive on them, it's fun to fill the house with kids and let them all get on with it while I do other things!

    But then I need a bit of time off from them too. More kids = more food consumed, more sand in the house and more wet towels to pick up and wash. So we have a break from playdates until we get bored and start again:)

    This sounds like a friendship to nuture Erica, I hope they reciprocate:) That's important too for you and your son:)

  7. Sounds like a wonderful time had by everyone! I am wondering though, when is it the 'norm' these days to have playdates without the other child's parent/carer in attendance?

    We had one of the neighbour's child over this afternoon and it was lovely. Until Mr6 decided that he was 'bored' and thought the only way to fix that problem was to turn on the Wii. I said no, and he eventually gave up but gee he is only 6 and is starting already! I need to cut him off now before it gets any worse LOL