Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meet the family

No, I'm not talking about the kids and the dog. Although these family members are almost as important as those ones (just don't tell them I said that!).

I'm talking about my toys. OK, my family's toys. They make me share :-/

Let's start from the bottom and my very first, and most treasured, item of Appley goodness. An iPod 4th Gen U2 Special Edition 20gb. It has a shiny black front with a red Clickwheel which looks fairly smart. But it's the stainless steel back, laser-etched with the band members' signatures that's really cool. I remember seeing it in an Apple Store catalogue at work one day in late-2004 and I nearly fell over at its price of near $500. That didn't stop me leaving the catalogue open on my boss's desk with a sticky note alluding to the fact that Christmas was coming and that perhaps a bonus may be in order. To my shock, he came up with the goods!
We have 2 4th Gen iPod Nanos.
One 3rd Gen iPod Touch, one 4th Gen iPod Touch.
One iPhone 3GS, one iPhone 4.

You'd think that would be enough. No, of course it's not!

There's also a 2006 MacBook, and my newish toy a 2010 13" MacBook Pro.

And finally, a 64gb iPad. 

There's also a Dell notebook but that's barely worth mentioning ;-)

Now, just to keep my blog totally on topic, I have to confess that all of these items have screens that need cleaning, and the laptops need dusting. But you wouldn't expect any less, would you?

I did say my obsession was unhealthy. Looking back at that inventory it seems I may be in need of some professional help. Although, iPad 2 is coming soon. And really, let's be serious, you never know when a girl might need one, right?


  1. So - how many of your ipods are actually used? Since Sandy and I both have iPhones these days, we have a few sitting around. I still keep my iPod video up to date with iTunes as a back-up though. The iPod Touch I had before my iPhone though, I sold on eBay. Almost covered the cost of my first iPhone though. And, of course, I sold my iPhone 3G when I got my iPhone 4. Sandy is still using a 3G and I will update her to the latest iPhone this summer when she becomes eligible. Will sell her 3G at that time.

  2. Actually, I think they're all still used. The U2 one is usually kept in my Altec Lansing iPod system (it's our home stereo). Thing 1's Nano is in his bedside dock, my Nano is used in the car (it has an iPod connector). The Chef's Touch he uses at work instead of a radio, doesn't use his phone since it's a non-charging system. Thing 1's Touch just gets used everywhere! See, all totally justified :P

  3. Hey there, I'm rather jealous!! Would love to update my tecky stuff. Just a Dell Laptop here. New follower - looking forward to seeing what you get up to :)

  4. Hi Caz! Thanks for reading. I'll be sure to pop by your blog too!