Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Child's Play

Our school was on the news yesterday after a parent called the TV station to voice their horror at something written in the school newsletter.

In part:
Some school activities and physical education, particularly contact sports, carry inherent risks of injury. Parents are advised the Dept of Education & Training does not have student accident insurance cover for students. If your child is injured at school as a result of an accident or incident, all costs associated with the injury, including medical costs are the responsibility of the parent or caregiver.

Student accident insurance pays some benefits in certain circumstances should your child have an accident.

The "whistle-blowing" parent was seemingly put-out at the thought of paying their own medical costs when little Mary falls off the monkey bars, and didn't like being told to take out insurance. Even though, at no point, was it deemed compulsory.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the way things have always been? At least in Government schools. It definitely was when I, in year 7, broke my ankle doing gymnastics in PE. The school is held responsible in situations where an accident has occurred due to negligence on their part, of course, but otherwise, deal with it the same way parents always have.

For some, insurance might be the way to go, that's a personal choice. Given the responses of some parents I actually think the school has done a good thing reminding families of the way things work. The news story actually pointed out that some private schools include student insurance as part of their annual fees, but is it really necessary?

Have you heard of student accident insurance? Does your school offer it? Has the world gone mad?