Friday, April 1, 2011

The one who dies with the most toys wins

Yesterday I got a new toy. Well, in truth the new iMac will be used mostly for work, but as with all techy goodies it's still a toy.

That I got a new toy isn't an especially huge revelation. What is extremely earth-shattering is that it wasn't unpacked and set-up immediately. Especially when the new desk had even been cleared of the AFS filing system and was itching for a new tenant.

It did eventually get taken out of its spunky white box and put in place yesterday. Oh how she sparkled! The reason it didn't get fired up yesterday is because I had work to do. We all know how long it takes to get things going by the time you do the important things like download software updates, import all your old bits and pieces, sort all your settings, and choose a screensaver. So the machine I had bought to do work on couldn't be set up because I had work to do. The irony wasn't lost on me.

So today as soon as I was able, it was time for the great unveiling. Removing the keyboard and mouse from the small box. Peeling off the protective plastic coatings (and let me just say there's a whole other post right there!). And finally turning it on with the sound of the familiar Apple chime. I was in geeky heaven!

Of course, things never go as you plan when it comes to technology, and the same was true today. I got an email. That email. From the ISP. "You have used 100% of your quota." NOOOO!! My morning of downloading and updating and sorting and organising my new puter was out the window with the words "we will apply shaping". The only bright side being that the new month begins at midnight tonight. *sigh*

So, my new precious and I are halfway there. First thing tomorrow I'll be hitting the "Software Update" button and off we'll go. I might even stop procrastinating and do some work!

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  1. on the shopping list! which size did you buy? i really only NEED the smaller one, but … well, you know, size and all! xt