Friday, March 11, 2011

Derailing the train of thought

Do you have a morning routine? Do you find when you're getting ready to leave the house that you have to do things in a particular order? I know I do. If I don't follow my usual routine something is always forgotten. If I get interrupted in the middle of my bathroom routine (teeth/moisturiser/hair) I will inevitably forget to do one of those things. Or I'll forget to go back and put my watch on, which will drive me nuts for the rest of the day. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not totally obsessive about the way I do things. I think it's more that early in the morning my brain is a bit "wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead", and any alteration to routine can't be processed. You know how your GPS gets upset if you don't go the way it tells you to? Then you get the cranky "recalculating" speech?  I guess my mornings are a bit like that. If I take the left fork instead of the right, the rest of my day can go totally pear-shaped. Alright, that may be a slight exaggeration but it can cause some hiccups along the way.

This morning was one of those days. Fortunately for the general public, it wasn't brushing my teeth or using deodorant that was forgotten. I even remembered to pack Thing 1's lunch for school. No, it was far, far worse than that. I'm just very grateful that I was only doing the school run then coming back home. There could have been tragic results otherwise.
You see, I left my iPhone at home. I know! I can hear your shocked responses from here! I may as well have left one of the kids at home. In fact, I think I might have been more comfortable if I'd left the house without pants. 

Thing 3 had been playing with my phone and had put it down somewhere other than its usual place, so I didn't pick it up on the way out the door. That hour I was without my lifeline was the longest hour of my life. The stress knowing I couldn't text, or tweet, or update my Facebook status was almost too much to bear. I just thank goodness that I don't do Foursquare. Knowing I couldn't check in to my coffee shop would have tipped me over the edge!

Luckily, I made it home without incident. And there was my phone, sitting contentedly on the coffee table where Thing 3 had left it. Phew! That was a close call. I can't imagine the consequences had I been out for the entire day!

Are you like me? Is there something that you absolutely can't leave the house without?


  1. Must be something about that iPhone. When I visit the grandtwins, the first thing they go for is my iPhone. They will fight over it so I took it out of my hip case and put it in my pocket. S spent almost a half hour sticking his nose into the case and asking, "Hi?" ... in other words, "where is the phone?" (He calls it "Hi")

    Like you, if I leave the house without my phone I feel totally naked. Even more than if I leave my wallet at home. I am convinced that this will be the day the car will break down and I won't have the ability to call the auto club. :-(

  2. The worst I've done is my keys!
    Walked out the door, 2 kids - check, 1 school bag - check, 1 school hat - check, close door, KEYS! Dammit!!

  3. Same here, my i-phone. Thankfully I haven't forgotten any of the children either. That probably would have been a real problem ;)

  4. Not exactly the same but when soloing I also absolutely cannot have my morning train of thought derailed by little voices or I lose my place terribly. This week I've forgotten one lunch, one swim bag and did one school drop off when I looked down realised I was wearing my slippers. Lucky the boy is old enough to cross the road by himself. I'd rather be barefoot than caught in my fluffies!

  5. Great post :)
    I'm not a real morning person, unless I've had two coffees, I'm unlikely to even make it out of the house!

  6. I'm with you on the phone, and its not even an iPhone LOL I've done it a couple of times now and it was awful!!

    Can't forget a child. They wouldn't let me get away with that one LOL