Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to my blog! I am a mum who has an unhealthy obsession with just about anything computer related. I love techy gadgets, social networking, and other kinds of geeky goodness. Especially anything that comes to us from Cupertino, CA with a picture of a piece of fruit on it.
I hate housework, and the above obsession gives me the perfect distraction from doing all the domestic things that I should be doing. Unfortunately with tiny humans in the house, even the most fastidious of housekeepers would feel like they were shoveling the path while it was still snowing, trying to keep the house in a state fit for human habitation. That means that I occasionally have to drag myself away from my beloved MacBook Pro to wash clothes, sweep floors, and scrub toilets. My 2 yr old, Thing 3, has never seen an iron. At least, not in my house. I'm fairly sure we still own one... I love that my washer and dishwasher have 2 hour cycles - they give me the perfect excuse to just have a quick look at Twitter or Facebook while I'm waiting for them to finish. Surely you don't expect me to use that time constructively? Oh, I should probably mention at this point that I am also terribly lazy.

Then there's cooking. I hate it almost as much as ironing. I can do it, and I'm reasonably capable, but I hate it. Fortunately the Universe was on my side around 16 years ago when it led me to The Chef, who soon become my husband. Clearly I knew when I was onto a good thing. No doubt The Chef had no idea what he was in for when he proposed. The Chef is also a terrible enabler of my obsession. He will say to me "Just go and buy it!", which is awesome, but since I'm the Minister for War & Finance in our household I know it's not possible. It sucks to be so responsible sometimes.

What's your obsession? How's your motivation towards housework? My guess is, if you're reading blogs right now, that you're either one of those annoying people who get stuck into it to get it out of the way, or your house has gone to hell in a hand basket while you drink coffee and stuff around on the interwebs. 

Now, it's time for me to put another load on so I can return to sit on my rear for another 2 hours...


  1. woo hoo MacSnorky, busting out in style!

    gah, enabling husbands! leaving baskets of wet washing — usually containing strategic pieces of footy gear — is the best way to get it hung out. and i sat down two hours ago to update my spreadsheets, and i'm still tweeting and downloading tv shows.

    now where's that coffee pot gone …

  2. OhMyGood-en-ness...finally someone who feels the same way about housework and cooking as me!!
    And I love my laptop but 'fraid I'm not very techy...I can never remember my mobile number, or how to use it! lol :)

  3. Good to see you've entered the blogosphere Erica. Nice introductory post, and Cupertino stuff FTW!

  4. Yay glad to see you back! I love technology but I also don't mind a bit of housework and I love cooking. Though in saying that I do spend an inordinate amount of time on my computer!

  5. I have a houseworkophobia. Scrubbing makes me resentful and unpleasant. But I also have kids and pets and hate a dirty home. A fine conundrum. One of the first things I shall do with my new job funds (after purchasing wardrobe) is find fortnightly cleaning folk. For I was born to sit on my fleshy behind, in front of a puter. Did I mention this PC chick has to use a Mac at work? You'll like me more now. Well done MacSnorks.

  6. After years of trying to find some kind of housework routine that will keep the clutter under control, I am beside myself with joy that I have found a professional organiser who is going to do all the heavy lifting for me as far as setting up some kind of routine which will make it possible for me to both keep the house tidy AND avoid housework as much as possible. Adele Blair, I'm getting you to sign on the dotted line before I actually send you photos of my home. :-)

    Of course, if it wasn't for Twitter, I never would have met Adele. I love Twitter. All the awesome kids hang out there.

    Looking forward to keeping up with you via your blog.

  7. OMG! We are the same. Except I failed to marry Chef. Has made packing process a shock to my lazy arse system! I am actually expected to get things done at the moment. Exhausting. Looking forward to return to the lazy days asap.

  8. Hello & thanks for the warm welcome. Love your honesty, I feel so much like a kindred spirit except for the cooking part, I hate the every day cooking nh but love fun cooking.

  9. First, as you might imagine, the word obsession is enough to send me into a shaking fit, sitting in the corner, sucking my thumb, rocking back and forth. (Okay, that only happened once, but that was years ago.) But I will admit to having a few healthy interests. I too have a relationship with Cupertino, CA, but it is not exclusive as I also have one with Redmond, WA. (That's Washington - not that "other" WA.) However, my first computer relationship was with Cambridge, England. Yes, it is an open relationship.

    Of course, there is also that history I have with The Mouse and his relatives and a few CM's (again, those "other" CM's.) One which I know we share and have shared. (Old enough to be your father! Harrumph!)

    As for housework here ... well, were you even allowed IN my house?

    Looking forward to more brain dumps. And remember ...

  10. Love it. Yes, like you, can whittle away many many hours on the internet. Twitter, blogs, news, it is like my crack. Seriously, am getting worried. This is fantastic Erica. xxx

  11. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. Let's see if I can keep this up now!

  12. I am seething with jealousy that you married a Chef. All I did was marry someone who watches cooking shows. Hardly the same thing.