Saturday, March 19, 2011

Of Mice and Men

I have a confession to make. Gadgets are not my only obsession. I know, you'd never believe it, right? 

Who am I kidding? More obsessions just means more ways to avoid tackling the housework. Yay for me! I think the weirdest thing is probably that my obsessions aren't at all related to each other. This obsession is mice. OK, OK, I see where you're going with this. Not that kind of mouse, this one has nothing to do with technology. Rather, in particular two special mice, and their associated counterparts.

Yes, I am a Disney fanatic. Admittedly, not as much as some others I know, but I'm fairly sure more than most people would consider healthy. I have been to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, needing to buy more luggage to bring toys souvenirs home each time. I also have friends who visit one or the other parks often who spoil me with goodies. 

With Thing 2 and Thing 3 at daycare I did some tidying up. Of course, I was only doing that because I was avoiding doing some work. Amongst my AFS* filing system was one such shipment of goodies from Walt Disney World, and something else that I'd been putting off doing. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to avoid both housework and work, I grabbed what I needed and headed to the car.

Ten minutes later the job was done. We had joined the ranks of those irritating people who put stupid stickers on their cars. 

Introducing, my family.

 P.S. Oh My Goodness! Whilst searching for images I came across these. What were the odds?
*Any Flat Surface


  1. then you'll be pleased to hear a BeeCees family trip to Hong Kong Disneyworld is on the cards for October — a chance to create a super memory with turning-83-years-old Granma (who btw has a thing for frogs) … ps. sure you're not related to my husband? he has a remarkably similar filing system, except i call it the PIT system: as in "Put It There". xt

  2. So what's wrong with having an interest in Mickey and the gang?

    You have to understand that as a father, I feel it is necessary and proper to that my wife and I make sure to visit our daughter a few times during the year. Since she is a Walt Disney World castmember it's simply easier to stay in Disney World and visit the parks while she is working. Right? (Don't have to mention that we had been doing that every year for 29 years BEFORE she started working there, now do I?)

    There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that I sold her to The Mouse simply for her castmember discounts!

    (And it was a lot of fun sharing time with you at WDW last year.)

  3. Oh, but they're so cute, how can you not love 'em?!
    I haven't been to Disneyland but I remember going to see Disney on Ice with my family when I was pretty small. I loved it! Mum & Dad bought me a Minnie Mouse which was very treasured and I can't believe I didn't keep it. So when I recently found a gorgeous Minnie at the supermarket, I had to buy it! Miss3 says she's sharing it with me because she knows I miss my old Minnie....awwwww

  4. bugger, commented as 'Lewis' again … must. keep. kids. off. MY. computer.

  5. ohh they are so much cooler than our 'family' stickers (which I HATE with a passion but all of the males in the house insisted we have them *sighs*).

    Maybe we should start petioning Disney to build a park Down Under ;)

  6. Oh that Minnie Mouse mouse is adorable!
    I'm a big Disney lover too :)