Monday, August 29, 2011

Stop. Nana Time!

As we get older our priorities change, our wants and needs change. As I flew past 30, and rushed downhill towards 40 I realised that a lot of times the mind was willing, but the body said "not likely, buddy!". That's kind of hard to cope with sometimes, since I still feel about 25 in my head.

I love being social. I love meeting people for a meal or a drink. I can still cope with that. It's the big nights out that I struggle with. The night clubs and overly noisy pubs aren't as appealing as they used to be. Makes no difference whether I'm drinking or not. I discovered I'm truly a Nana a few weeks back when I met friends for a drink at a popular nightspot. We managed to find a comfy couch to sit, then realised that it would take a week to wade through the crowds of people to get a drink. So we sat and chatted. Or tried to, over the noise of the crowd and the pumping dance tunes. That was a big night, we headed home by about 9.30pm. Yes, pathetic!

So this leads me to my Top Ten Ways You Know You're A Nana (in no particular order):

Gone are the days where the kids eat early then you enjoy a quiet meal with your partner after the kids are in bed. Instead you eat with the kids. At 5.30pm.

You count down the minutes until the kids are in bed. Only so that you can go to bed too. And not for Extreme Cuddles, for sleep.

At 9pm, when you used to be heading out, you're sitting on the couch with a cup of tea.

And a blanket over your knees.

If you do head out for a big night, you're home by 11pm. Any later and it takes you 2 days to recover.

You find yourself watching more ABC.

You watch SBS for the fascinating insights into different cultures. Instead of the soft porn.

You watch controversial programs just so you have an excuse to yell at the TV.

You listen to Classic Hits radio stations, or talk-back, because current music is awful.

You can't get through the day without a mid-afternoon nap. But you're still considering bed by 9pm.

Are you a Nana? When and how did you realise that your youthful ways were long gone?

Monday, August 15, 2011

I love equal love!

You'll notice a new button on the right bar of my blog. It was created by the lovely Bianca at Big Words to show support for marriage equality. Instead of paraphrasing what she said, or writing my own version of the same, I will copy her brief post here.

The Right for Equal Love

Apparently, I am in a "normal" relationship and because of that I am afforded the right to be married. I have a husband, three gorgeous girls and we even have a white picket fence. I didn't have to fight for my right to marry. I didn't have to march the streets pleading my case for protection and recognition under the law. We stood in an olive grove in front of our loved ones and were married by a celebrant. We are now legally bound to not have as much sex as before, argue about finances and have stretches of silence between us like other married couples. I simply can't understand why people from same sex relationships don't have the same legal rights. Why can't they stand in front of their most dearest and be legally bound together in love? Their love is as strong as heterosexual couples. Love is love is love. I could write forever on the subject of equality. It's time Australia gets with the program. It's time Australia recognises, rejoices and supports marriage equality. Equal love for all.

So, in my own small way I wanted to show my support. I made an "I Love Equal Love" button for my blog. If you feel the same, I'd love for you to grab it and pop it on your blog too (you can find it on my sidebar). We have a strong voice us bloggers - let's use it! Equal love for all. xx
 If you'd like to show your support too, head to Bianca's blog and grab the button for yourself.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A weekend by degrees

Last weekend I was in Melbourne to attend Blogopolis. The conference was full of great, useful information and tips, presented by talented & experienced bloggers and professionals. It was also an opportunity to meet so many fabulous bloggers I know from Twitter, and to catch up with friends I've met previously. But this blog isn't about that. I realised when I started making some plans that a common theme was occurring, purely by coincidence. You'll soon see what I mean!

My flight into Melbourne was delayed which meant I missed dinner with @TwitchyCorner, @easypeasykids & @denwise1. Instead it was me, terrible TV, Twitter and barely adequate room service.  The time alone was awesome!

65 Degrees. Photo © Melissa Hobbs
 The following day started with a much sought-after sleep-in, followed by meeting up with @melhobbs at the fabulous @65Degrees. This is where my Weekend by Degrees began.
After coffee, I headed for lunch at Three Degrees where I finally got to meet one of my very first tweeps, @seanbradford and we spent 3 hours talking and tweeting. 

The degrees continued after the conference Saturday night with a visit to @Eureka_Skydeck. 88 floors above the city, with 180 degree views. Fantastic views, and very calming. Next time I visit during the day!

Sunday I scored another sleep-in! I was picked up from my hotel by @crazycuddles, and we headed for a leisurely breakfast. Next stop was Gasworks Arts Park for @melhobbs's photo exhibition NYC -6 degrees. 

By then it was time to head for the airport. So much fun, not enough time, but I loved the coincidence of it all! Can't wait to see you again, Melbourne!