Sunday, April 17, 2011

(Blog) Love is all around

My friend Mark at Thoughts from the Dark Side has kindly opened his blog to others, all in the name of introducing bloggers and readers to blogs they might otherwise have not known about. Since he was nice enough to mention me in his post I thought it only fair to do the same here.

Since Mark has already mentioned my friends Feral, Jack, and Kerri I won't go into detail about them here. You'll have to go and read his blog. Also, in the name of more equally sharing the love, I'm not going to mention some of my absolute favourite blogs because they already have more than their share of adoring followers and they're in my blogroll (but they're welcome to give themselves a plug here!).

Instead, I'm going to share a few of my new-found faves. Meet Nicole at Ironing and Apostrophes as she talks about her two big passions, and other stuff too. Stella Orbit talks about motherhood, friendship, the painful and the joyful, with total honesty. Visit Twitchy Corner to learn about her take on parenting and having a good time when you're on the outside (might be time for an update though Twitch!). And lastly, have a look at 4 Kids, A Dog and a Blog as she settles in to living in a new country with her family.

I don't have time to read all the blogs I like now, but I'd still love you to give yourself a plug here. So, who are you and what do you blog about? Let's share the blog love a little!


  1. Thanks for some great new blogs to follow. I hadn't come across any of them.

  2. You are a hundred kinds of awesome! xxxx

  3. Thanks Erica! Hope to get a chance to find some new blogs and meet some new folks. After all, my old friends have already heard all of my stories. LOL!

    If this works out maybe I will make it a regular feature on my blog.

  4. Love the change. And thank for the shout out via the shout out... you know what I mean x

  5. Thanks so much Erica, what a lovely gesture and such great company! Your generosity had me finally prioritise my (now almost complete) upgrade. I am back in working order, and @sassbee of Moozoo Designs is a wonder. Broke my drought last night and posted after a month's absence. Relief! ':) Thank you x

  6. What fab blogs. And plugging my own ... I am Bronnie, a single Mum, writer, pet-pamperer, housework-hater and occasional swearer. I blog about the days of our lives (our lives, not the TV show), depression, travel, Mindfulness, animals, kids, and stuff that shits me. And I love finding other blogs and meeting other bloggers. xo